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#140conf Rebroadcast - June 29 and June 30th

You are invited to participate in the re-broadcast of the 140 Characters Conference which will be taking place on June 29th and June 30th.

This will be a “Director’s Cut” re-broadcast as some of the speakers will be tweeting while their session is being re-broadcast.

The broadcast starts at 11 AM (EST) each day.

To watch the re-broadcast, visit

Hope you can join us on Monday and Tuesday for the re-broadcast. Please include #140conf when you tweet about the content you are watching.

The 140 Character Conference - Day 1 Rebroadcast Schedule

June 29th Schedule: (Time is EST)

1. 11:00 AM - Jeff Keni Pulver (@jeffpulver), creator/founder/host #140conf
“The State of NOW”

2. 11:15 AM - Jack Dorsey (@jack) - creator, co-founder & Chairman, twitter

3. 11:27 AM - Tim O’Reilly (@timoreilly) - Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media.
“What twitter has taught me”

4. 11:43 AM - Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) - is a VC and principal of Union Square Ventures:
“The Power of Passed Links and Earned Media”

5. 11:53 AM - John Borthwick - CEO of betaworks
“The twitter Ecosystem”

6. 12:05 AM - avid Saranga (@DavidSaranga) - Consul for Media and Public Affairs at the Israeli Consulate in New York
“The use of Twitter in Public Diplomacy”

7. 12:19 AM twitter: Newspapers
“The effect of twitter on Newspapers”

John Boitnott (@jboitnott) - Social Media strategist, Village Voice
Erick Schonfeld (@erickschonfeld) - co-editor, TechCrunch
Etan Horowitz (@etanowitz) - Technology writer, Orlando Sentinel
Patrick LaForge (@palafo) - Director of the Copy Desks, The New York Times
Peter A. McKay (@peteramckay) - Writer, Wall Street Journal

8. 12:42 AM - Howard Lindzon (@howardlindzon) - Wallstrip Creator, Hedge Fund Manager, Venture Fund Manager and
“Living in a twitter world.”

9. 12:50 AM - twitter: TV
“what twitter means to TV shows and their producers”

Caissie St.Onge (@Caissie) - Writer/Producer, Best Week Ever
Craig Engler (@Craigatscifi) - SVP and GM of Sci Fi Digital.
Gavin Purcell (@gavinpurcell) - co-producer, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Shelly Palmer (@shelly_palmer) - Host, MediaBytes. President, NATAS–NY and the Emmy Awards. Author, Television Disrupted

10. 1:12 PM - Liz Strauss (@lizstrauss)”
Marketing for the eavesdroppers in the tridimensional conversation”

11. 1:22 PM - Stowe Boyd (@stoweboyd)
“The evolution of Microsyntax”

12. 1:33 PM - “The effects of twitter on My Business
or how things are different now because of twitter. The corporate perspective”

Brian Solis (@briansolis) - Principal of FutureWorks
Brook Lundy (@someecards) - Co-Founder and Head Writer, someecards
Marcel LeBrun (@lebrun) - CEO, Radian6
Tony Hsieh (@zappos) - CEO,

13. 1:54 PM - Maegan Carberry (@maegancarberry) - Blogger, Huffington Post // CauseCast // Lifehack; co-host Variety’s Wilshire and Washington, Managing Editor,
“Politics: possibilities of bipartisanship and/or post-partisanship on Twitter. “

14. 2:05 PM - “twitter as a News Gathering Tool”

Ann Curry (@AnnCurry) - News Anchor on NBC’s Today Show and host of Dateline NBC
Rick Sanchez (@ricksanchezcnn) - Host of the 3PM weekday edition of CNN Newsroom
Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer)
Ryan Osborn (@todayshow) - Producer, NBC Today Show

15. 2:41 PM - John A. Byrne (@JohnAByrne) - Editor in Chief,
“The Business Week perspective on twitter”

16. 3:04 PM - James Cox (@imajes)
“The story behind CNNBRK”

17. 3:14 PM - Moeed Ahmad (@moeed) - Head of New Media Technology and Future Media Department Technology Division, Al Jazeera Network
“The Al Jazeera Twitter Strategy”

18. 3:26 PM - Jeremy Epstein (@jer979) - Marketing Navigator, Never Stop Marketing
“How I followed Jeff Pulver on Twitter for 16 Months and Ended Up on This Stage: Twitter as a Strategic Relationship Building Tool”

19. 3:38 PM - Christopher R. Weingarten (@1000TimesYes) - Music Writer, and Village Voice
“Twitter and the End Of Music Criticism”

20. 3:49 PM - Jeffrey Hayzlett (@JeffreyHayzlett) - Chief Marketing Officer, Kodak
“Kodak and twitter: What we are learning”

21. 4:10 PM - Kevin Slavin - founder area/code
“Things that twitter”

22. 4:21 PM - twitter: Music
“Exploring the use of twitter in the Music Industry”

Jim Jones (@jimjonescapo) - Recording artist
Leslie Hall (@dollyhall) - Principal, ICED Media
Ted Cohen (@TAGStrategic) - Managing Partner
Xavier Jernigan (@xjernigan) - Director, Digital Marketing & Strategy at Universal Motown Republic Group

23. 4:40PM twitter: Sports
“A look at how twitter is used in Pro Sports”

ESPN Katie Richman (@ESPN_ProdGirl)
Jeramie McPeek (@SunsWebmaster) - Webmaster, Phoenix Suns
Kathleen Hessert (@kathleenhessert) - President, Sports Media Challenge
troy murphy (@troy_murphy) - Forward, Indiana Pacers

24. 4:57 PM - Musicians, Bloggers and Twitter
“The new Artist / Fan Relationship”

BarbaraJones (@BarbaraJones)
Diane Birch (@dianebirch) - Recording Artist
Steve Greenberg (@steviegpro) - founder & CEO, S-Curve Records
(includes a performance by Diane Birch)

25. 5:19 PM - twitter: Moms
“Exploring the way Moms use twitter”

Audrey McClelland (@AudreyMcClellan) - Co-owner of
Jessica Gottlieb (@JessicaGottlieb)
Lindsay Maines (@rockandrollmama)
Maya Bisineer (@thinkmaya)

26. 5:43 PM - Laura Fitton (@Pistachio) - Founder, oneforty inc. and co-Author Twitter for Dummies
“twitter: A Love Story”

27. 5:54 PM - Sharon Glassman (@sharonglassman) - Funny-smart author, HuffPost blogger, performing speaker
“Geek, Dorks, Nerds: How to make your most “uncool” self your Tweetest asset.”

28. 6:01 PM - twitter and Mad Men
“A look at the story behind the story about MadMen who twitter. Surprise Mad Man will be unveiled at #140Conf!”

Carri Bugbee (@peggyolson)
Helen Klein Ross (@bettydraper)

29. 6:18 PM - Brad Fidler (@brad_fidler)
“Twitter Freedoms”

30. 6:30 PM - Andrew Keen (@ajkeen)
“Twitter and power”

31. 6:41 PM - twitter Celebs
“the making of a twitter celebrity”

adventuregirl (@adventuregirl)
Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) - President, New Marking Labs
Julia Roy (@juliaroy) - Senior Agent of Social Life™ at Undercurrent and Creator/Host of Tweet Week, a weekly vlog about Twitter
Justine (@ijustine)

32. 7:02 PM - Rajesh Setty (@UpbeatNow) - Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker
“ThinkTweet: Books that tweet”

33. 7:13 PM - “twitter: For the Social Good”

Adam Hirsch (@adamhirsch) - COO,
Amanda Rose (@amanda) - Founder, @twestival
drew olanoff (@drew) - #BlameDrewsCancer
Liane Thompson (@missilecitykids)
StaceyMonk (@StaceyMonk) - Founder of Epic Change and TweetsGiving.

Day 2 Rebroadcast Schedule

June 30th Schedule: (Time is EST)

1. 11:00 AM - Mike Koehler (@mkokc) - New Media Director for STF | PR, creator of #OKstorms, #OKice; former multimedia guru at NewsOK/Opubco
“Using twitter for Public Safety”

2. 11:13 AM - Eric Peterson (@erictpeterson)
“twitter Stats”

3. 11:24 AM - Mahesh Murthy (@maheshmurthy) - Founder, Pinstorm
“twitter’s role in an integrated digital marketing plan”

4. 11:35 AM - Steve Rubel (@steverubel) - SVP, Director of Insights, Edelman Digital
“twitter and PR”

5. 11:47 AM - twitter: Book Publishing
“Lies My Twitter Never Told Me” - Twitter Rocks Publishing; Authors Crush It!

Debbie Stier (@debbiestier) - SVP, Associate Publisher, Harper Studio
Kaylie Jones (@KaylieJones) - Novelist. Her upcoming memoir is: “Lies My Mother Never Told Me.” Her bestsellig novel: “A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries” (Merchant Ivory film)
Kevin Heisler (@KevinHeisler) - Literary Executor
Ron Hogan (@RonHogan) - Curator,

6. 12:05 PM - Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) - President, New Marking Labs
“twitter and Trust Agents”

7. 12:27 PM - “twitter as the GPS for the Greater Social Media Mesh”

Aaron Strout (@AaronStrout) - CMO, Powered, Inc.
Brian Morrissey (@bmorrissey) - Digital Editor at Adweek
David Berkowitz (@dberkowitz) - Emerging Media Director, 360i
Hadley Stern (@hadleystern) - Vice-President, Fidelity Labs
Peter Fasano (@pfasano) - Principal/Lead Catalyst, Mass+Logic

8. 12:49 PM - “twitter and Serendipity”
Sol Lipman, (@solster), co-founder 12 Seconds.TV

9. 1:00 PM - “twitter: Video”

Christian Payne (@Documentally)
Jeffrey Hayzlett (@JeffreyHayzlett) - CMO, Kodak
Steve Garfield (@stevegarfield)
Sukhjit Ghag (@sukhjit)

10. 1:21 PM - Bronwen Clune (@bronwen) - CEO, Norg Media
“Twitter, the media and chaos theory”

11. 1:32 PM - “White House Correspondency in the Age of Twitter”

Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) - National Correspondent for Air America radio
Jason Linkins (@dceiver) - Editor of the Huffington Post’s “Eat The Press” blog.
Jim Long (@newmediajim) - photojournalist, NBC News
Mike Madden (@mikemadden) - Washington correspondent

12. 1:54 PM - “twitter and Brands: Lessons learned and learning”

Jeff Simmermon (@jeffTWC) - Director Digital Communications
jeffTWC (@jeffTWC) - Director Digital Communications
Jennifer Cisney (@kodakCB) - Kodak’s Chief Blogger
John Bell (@jbell99) - Managing Director, Ogilvy’s 360 Digital Influence practice
John Wolf (@MarriottIntl) - Senior Director, Public Relations, Marriott Intl

13. 2:12 PM - Marlooz (@marlooz) - Filmmaker and internetjunkie
“Love 2.0″

14. 2:28 PM - “twitter: Publishing
People Get Real: forward-thinking publishing experts discuss twitter and how it is loved & feared in-industry and what this means for you”

Ami Greko (@ami_with_an_i) - Digital Marketing Manager, Macmillan.
Colleen Lindsay (@ColleenLindsay) - Literary Agent, FinePrint
Richard Nash (@R_Nash) - former publisher of Soft Skull Press; publishing guru
Russ Marshalek (@russmarshalek) - Freelance book publicist
Ryan Chapman (@chapmanchapman) - Digital Marketing, Macmillan

15. 2:44 PM - Hjortur Smarason (@hjortur) - Editor in chief:; Co-founder:
“How I became a twitter character - rules of engagement”

16. 2:56 PM - Scott Porad (@scottporad) - Cheezburger Technology Officer; Company: I Can Has Cheezburger?
“Follow Friday”

17. 3:06 PM - “twitter and Science”

Deborah Berebichez (@thesciencebabe)
Michelle Gill (@jayhawkbabe)

18. 3:18 PM - twitter: Apps
“A look at twitter apps and their road ahead”

Adam Ostrow (@adamostrow)
Adarsh Pallian (@pallian)
Bernard Desarnauts (@bernard_d) - SVP International & GM Europe, Glam Media
Iain Dodsworth (@iaindodsworth)
Jodee Rich (@WingDude)

19. 3:40 PM - Heather Gold (@heathr)
“Being “Private” in Public”

20. 3:51 PM - Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)
“Scaling and Caring”

21. 4:02 PM - “twitter: The Interview”

Chris Sacca interviews multi-platinum musician, actor, and producer Wyclef Jean about what Twitter means to him and the impact he sees it having on the entertainment industry.

Chris Sacca (@sacca)
Wyclef Jean (@wyclef) - multi-platinum Haitian-American musician, actor, producer and former-member of the hip hop trio The Fugees. Wyclef has sold more than 31 million albums.

22. 4:27 PM - “Digital Diplomacy and Cultural Collaboration”

Andrew Kneale (@andrewkneale) - Transatlantic Project Coordinator. British Council
Evan M. O’Neil (@gpi) - Global Policy Innovations Magazine
Joshua Fouts (@josholalia) - Senior Fellow, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs; Senior Fellow, Digital Media and Public Policy, The Center for the Study of the Presidency Chief Global Strategist, Dancing Ink Productions, LLC
Michael Jay Friedman (@americagovprint) - U.S. Dept. of State (IIP/PUBP)
Rita J. King (@RitaJKing) - CEO and Creative Director, Dancing Ink Productions

23. 4:36 PM - JP Rangaswami (@jobsworth) - Managing Director, BT Design
“twitter in the Enterprise”

24. 4:58 PM - “Designing User Experiences for Twitter”

Jayson Elliot (@JaysonElliot) - Director of User Experience, Wunderman
Jeff Dachis (@jeffdachis) - CEO, Dachis Corporation; Senior Partner, Bond Art + Science
Karen McGrane (@karenmcgrane) - Senior Partner, Bond Art + Science
Whitney Hess (@whitneyhess) - Independent user experience designer

25. 5:10 PM - Sudha Jamthe (@sujamthe)
“BottomUp innovation”

26. 5:22 PM - Stephanie Agresta (@StephAgresta) - EVP, Global Director of Digital Strategy and Social Media at Porter Novelli.
“twitter: Affiliate Marketing”

27. 5:39 PM - “twitter and Small Business”

Aliza Sherman (@alizasherman)
Brian Moran (@BrianMoran) - Founder/Pres Moran Media Group
Rieva Lesonsky (@Rieva) - Founder/CEO of Grow Biz Media.

28. 5:59 PM - “Twitter & The Effect Of Social Media on Fashion Brands & Retailers”

Macala Wright (@Macala) - Director of Online Marketing, 1928 Jewelry
Yuli Ziv (@YuliZ) - co-Founder of My”It”Things

29. 6:11 PM - “Across the pond - UK Media Panel
Open forum with journalists, authors and microbloggers from the UK looking at how twitter is shaping and disrupting across different media and news projects.”

Ande Gregson (@media140) - founder, media140
Kate AG (@RadioKate) - Microblogger/Project Catalyst BBC
Paul Carr (@paulcarr) - Author and Guardian columnist

30. 6:32 PM - “The Wisdom of Twitter”

Dean Landsman (@DeanLand)
Howard Greenstein (@howardgr)

31. 6:46 PM - Callie Kimball (@calindrome) - Project Manager, Media Works at NBC Universal, and Playwright.
“All the Web’s A Stage: The arts as a shared experience on Twitter.”

32. 6:56 PM - Jeffrey Sass (@sass) - VP Biz Dev, Myxer
“Everything I Know About Twitter I Learned In Grade School”

33. 7:08 PM - Melissa Pierce (@melissapierce) - Producer, Life In Perpetual Beta Film Series
“The Documentary that happened because of twitter”

34. 7:19 PM - Marah (@marahverse)
“twitter: poetry”


35. 7:29 PM - James Gross (@TheJames) - Vice President, Federated Media
“Advertising with twitter”

36. 7:42 PM - “A look at twitter services, apps and what’s next”

Albert Maruggi (@AlbertMaruggi)
Mario Menti (@mario) - founder
+ special guests


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